Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 86

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 86

Mega Yates

Descripciòn Embarcaciòn

Every model in the Monte Carlo Yachts collection has the DNA and spaces of a larger yacht, and the MCY 86 shines as an exemplar of the boatyard’s vision and style. With five different layouts built using the most innovative patented production process in the industry, the MCY 86 is graced by inimitable design and a regal personality expressed by spacious guest areas, unprecedented levels of equipment, and decors and furnishings from the very best that Made in Italy and Made in France have to offer.

The MCY 86’s exterior spaces are an exemplary expression of Monte Carlo Yachts' style and vision. The range’s Portuguese deck leads to a luxurious, reserved living room on the sea; a true lounge that adapts to the different uses during a day spent onboard. The roomy surface area is ideal for large sun-loungers, comfy sofas and a table for taking meals even in the shade, enjoying the view of the sea with family and guests in a space that is both open and private.

Monte Carlo Yachts such as the MCY 86 are known for their spacious interiors decorated in precious woods and materials such as white alabaster from Volterra, cedarstone marbles, moka cream limestone and hand-made Venetian Murano glass mosaics, and only the very best materials, fabrics and accessories available from the world’s preeminent fashion and design houses such as Hermès, Armani, Poltrona Frau and Pierre Frey.

Datos Tècnicos Del Barco

Datos Generales

  • Eslora màxima:
    26.3 m
  • Eslora de flotaciòn:
  • Manga:
    6.55 m
  • Calado:
  • Desplazamiento
    72000 kg
  • Lastre:
  • Enderezamiento:
  • Materiales de construcciòn:

Datos De La Vela

  • Àrea de la vela:
  • Armamento:
  • Vela mayor:
  • Espinàquer:
  • Gènova
  • I:
  • J:
  • P:
  • E


  • Motor:
    2 x MAN V12 (1800 hp) or 2 x MAN V12 (1900 hp)
  • Hp:
    1800 or 1900
  • Transmisiòn
    10° V-Drive
  • Depòsito combustible:
    7100 lt


  • Materiales internos:
    Fully Customizable
  • Cabinas
    3, 4 or 5 cabins layout
  • Literas:
    6, 8 or 10 depending on the n. of cabins
  • Depòsito combustible:
    7100 lt
  • Capasidad personas:
  • Inodoro:
  • Depòsito agua
    1500 lt